Юреш Вахалия


Uresh Vahalia is Senior Director of Engineering at EMC Corporation in Southboro, MA, where he is responsible for the development of EMC's NAS product portfolio. Uresh has worked at EMC for ten years and in the software industry for eighteen, focusing mainly on operating system and storage technologies. Uresh graduated with a Masters' degree in Physics from the Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai, and also received a Masters' in Computer Science at Syracuse University in Syracuse, NY. Uresh has numerous patents and research publications in the storage and operating systems areas and has represented EMC in several industry forums and expert panels including SNIA, IEEE, and the CIFS and NFSv4 working groups. Uresh also is the author of the book "Unix Internals: The New Frontiers", which was published by Prentice-Hall and is used as a professional reference and a text in operating systems courses in several leading universities.


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